Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To help our communities children grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults by instilling confidence and building positive learning attitudes for life, through the sport of swimming.

We teach swimming the right way the first time by focusing on the fundamentals that lay the skill foundation for the technically sound swimming of all four competitive strokes.

Learning to swim offers opportunities for fun, exercise and personal development. At Rockwall Swim School, we teach all ages and abilities. We believe all children should be proficient swimmers by no later than the third grade and should begin their aquatic development as early as 6 months old. No one is ever drown-proof, but being able to swim 300 yards continuously will lower your child’s chances of drowning exponentially.

Learning to swim early will not only keep your child safe, but will also help shape their character. Swimming teaches confidence, determination and self-reliance, as well as developing motor skills and balance. Swimmers tend to be high academic achievers because swimming teaches how to set goals and achieve them. Swimming as a year-round activity is very effective to keep your child healthy and happy.



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