“Watching our two sons improve in strength and technique has been a fantastic experience. Thanks to all the hard work and commitment by the RSS staff, we’re now watching our boys swim confidently by themselves in our pool.” – Andrea S.

“My daughter’s and my own experience with the Rockwall Swim School was superior. Not only did she learn to love swimming, but she gained so much more skill and confidence in the water than she had from any previous swimming lessons. It was wonderful to feel confident in the quality of instruction she was receiving, and to watch her love of the water flourish. We will definitely use the RSS again.” – Kristen B.

“In six weeks, my five-year-old daughter went from wearing floaties and being scared to put her face in the water to swimming the backstroke across the length of the pool and willingly ducking under lane lines. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge, professionalism, and quality of instruction by the RSS instructors. They are experts at working with small children and giving them the confidence to swim.” – Dana J.

“My son started at Rockwall Swim School in January 2010. He absolutely has thrived! He could already swim underwater but now, after six months, he is competent at the freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke, and he is only three-and-a-half-years-old! We are extremely happy with his progress. His teacher, Heidi, is sensational and the facilities are just wonderful. We feel so lucky to have such an incredible place in Rockwall!” – Rebecca H.

“My four-year-old son has always loved the water, but with a backyard pool, we wanted to ensure he could truly swim. In no time at all, the instructor had him treading water and swimming a lap freestyle before moving onto the back and breast strokes. At Rockwall Swim School they emphasize proper form and safety, provide personal attention to each student, and keep it fun!” – Melissa H.

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